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Best practice case studies

We received many examples off good practice, the first seven are available here, others will be added during the next month:

 Clinical Practice and Education role (PDF, 346Kb)

Sarah Morecroft, Clinical Practice and Education OT

 North Wales Stepped Care Initiative & Training Collaborative (PDF, 351Kb)

Dr. Dawn Henderson, North Wales Head of Adult Mental Health Clinical

 Peer Mentoring within Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (PDF, 383Kb)

Mel Glover, Deputy Directorate Manager

 Combining CWTCH & COVID-19: Challenges & Opportunities (PDF, 349Kb)

Dr Jacinta Tan; Ms Gemma Johns; Prof Alka Ahuja

 Early intervention in psychosis (EIP) (PDF, 351Kb)

Nicky Thomas, Service Lead Occupational Therapy

 Housing Manager for MH and LD (PDF, 352Kb)

Joanne Lewis-Jones, Housing Manager

 Improving WAST Response to Mental Health calls (PDF, 347Kb)

Steve Clarke, Head of Mental Health and Dementia