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Based on a literature review about scenario development, the HEIW simulation team have designed a scenario template to promote the development and sharing of high-quality standardised simulation scenarios.

The scenario template provides step-by-step guidance on scenario writing best practice and includes a didactic element by signposting to further reading. It was revised based on constructive comments made by the healthcare simulation community.

We would like to share consistently high-quality scenarios using the standardised template. We envisage that a bank of scenarios will be created and shared within a designated online repository, allowing sharing of good practice and preventing duplication of effort across the simulation community.

View the simulation scenario template here.

References for simulation scenario writing.

An abstract about the development of the scenario template is available in the International Journal of Healthcare Simulation.


Submitting a simulation scenario to the online Scenario Repository

We would like to start collecting scenarios for inclusion in the repository. Scenarios will be reviewed against a quality assurance checklist and approved templates will be included in the online scenario repository.

To submit a scenario, please complete the following:

Please email your template and declaration to Accepted scenarios will be included in the repository below. It would be great if you are able to submit your scenario bilingually however we’re also happy to accept them in English or Welsh.


Scenario repository

Scenarios will be added to the repository over time.