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Faculty Development Programme

A standardised simulation faculty development programme

A standardised simulation faculty development programme.

The Simulation Faculty Development Programme is an initiative built after extensive consultation with the Simulation Community in Wales. We used a blended approach to deliver the learning opportunities to ensure flexibility and accessibility.

The programme will comprise three standalone courses: Essential, Advanced and Expert. The first Essential Faculty Development Course was launched in October 2022.

Essential Simulation Faculty Development Course information: 

Target Audience The Essential course has been developed for any facilitators or technicians who are new to simulation or have never attended a train the trainers course for simulation. 
Aim To provide foundation skills sufficient to lead simulation sessions and contribute to simulation design under supervision. 
Duration and Delivery Mode

10 hours of learner effort 

Blended learning approach 

5 hours self-directed learning (e-learning modules) followed by 5 hours facilitated learning (face to face or virtual) 

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to: 

  • Describe modalities and principles of simulation education. 

  • Identify and apply human factors principles and taxonomy during simulation training.  

  • Design and facilitate simple simulation scenarios in alignment with relevant curricula and following educational standards.  

  • Facilitate safe and structures debriefing sessions according to present learning objectives. 

  1. Introduction to simulation and standards 

  1. Human Factors 

  1. Designing and facilitation simulation  

  1. Debriefing 


The 5 hours of self-directed learning will be available as e-learning modules. The modules will include a formative assessment and must be completed before attendance at a facilitated “live” session.

Course delivery: We will be delivering the facilitated session either face to face at different locations across Wales, or virtually via Microsoft Teams.

The facilitated session, whether delivered virtually or face to face, is designed to meet the same learning objectives. The virtual session is just as effective as the face to face session. You will have the same opportunities to discuss, collaborate, practice facilitating scenarios and debriefing in groups, all ‘live’ and with guidance from a facilitator in both the virtual and face to face sessions. The only difference is that the virtual session lends itself more to facilitating simulation scenarios delivered virtually, often using standardised patients/participants whilst in the face to face sessions you are more likely to use manikins and props.

In making the choice between whether you attend the virtual or face to face session consider the following questions/points:

  • What is your area of practice and what type of scenarios would you like to be able to run?
  • What skills do you want to develop?
  • How do you learn best?
  • Do you have time to travel and attend the face to face session in person around your commitments?
  • Do you have lots of distractions in your immediate environment where you might access the virtual session which may affect your ability to concentrate?


Dates for the facilitated sessions are:

Monday 22 April 2024


Monday 3 June 2024

Face to face: Withybush Hospital

Monday 9 September 2024


Monday 7 October 2024

Face to face: Bronllys Hospital

Monday 11 November 2024



Please register for one of the facilitated sessions here Please note that places at the facilitated sessions are limited.  

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us at