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Primary and community care academies 

Each health board's primary and community care academy coordinate and/or deliver local training and education. They work closely with local workforce leads and the primary and community care workforce. 

Academies are responsible for:

  • assessing the local education and training needs after concertation with independent contractors, local workforce teams, professional collaboratives and clusters
  • providing support to enable primary and community care staff to develop their skills through local commissioning of training and education programmes
  • expanding local capacity for training environments and educators to host training and development opportunities
  • planning future workforce needs and to inform national commissioning of education and training places
  • supporting local multi-professional teams to work together effectively to maximise top of license working through education and training

Academies work closely with our multi-professional unit to ensure that there is a well-coordinated and effective programme for development of the multi-professional workforce across Wales. 

For more information, click on your local health board primary and community care academy link below:

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