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Challenge 10 - RPS Pledge

Now that you have reached the final challenge of the campaign, we encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to working towards an inclusive profession that celebrates diversity and supports a culture of belonging.

Make a pledge to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), here.


Over the course of the campaign, you may have identified some further learning needs. We have developed a signposting tool that contains a range of resources, in a variety of formats, to support your learning in areas that are of interest to you.

The resources within this tool cover a wide range of topics including the key themes within this campaign and much more. We, at HEIW, are committed to supporting your learning and will continue to update this resource alongside developing further learning opportunities such as webinars and e-learning packages.

Thank you for taking part in this campaign.

We hope you have enjoyed working through the challenges and that they have helped you to reflect on your own competence regarding cultural equity and supported development of your knowledge and understanding of people from different cultures to your own.

If you missed Challenge 9 we welcome you to complete this feedback form to provide us with information on how we can develop and enhance the resources provided in future campaigns.