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Benefits of the medical trainer agreement

By signing the Medical Trainer Agreement (Secondary Care and Undergraduate Education), trainers demonstrate their commitment to the role, including the development and provision of high quality education and training and the provision of a suitable, supportive learning environment. Ultimately, this will contribute to enhanced quality of patient care, leading to improved patient safety.

The agreement also enhances communication and accountability between those responsible for delivering and supporting education and training and ensures consistency of approach to the trainer roles within and between Local Education Providers (LEP) and medical schools through clearer articulation of the rights, roles and responsibilities of those involved. This, in turn, ensures a uniform understanding across NHS Wales.

The agreement also contributes to raising the profile of medical education and training in Wales, increasing its attractiveness as a graduate destination and improving recruitment and retention.

The key benefits for each party in signing up to the agreement are provided below.

Benefits for trainers

  • Upon signing the Agreement and meeting its requirements trainers will be recommended for formal recognition by the General Medical Council (GMC) and this will be reflected on their status on the GMC’s List of Registered Medical Practitioners.
  • Protected time and resources to deliver the trainer role(s).
  • A vehicle for effective recognition and consideration of trainer roles within NHS clinician whole-practice appraisal / performance development review and job planning processes.
  • Access to appropriate training and professional development for the role.
  • Access to NHS Wales library and IT services which includes access to an extensive collection of web based e-resources including eJournals, eBooks and major databases.
  • An environment in which trainers committed to high quality training provision are fully supported and developed.
  • Creation of a ‘community of practice’ comprising trainers across Wales with a shared interest in training excellence.

Benefits for LEPs (employers) and education organisers

  • Transparency and consistency of approach to the delivery, management and support of trainer roles within and between LEPs (and education organisers) and more streamlined mechanisms for their management
  • A supportive training environment, leading to increased enthusiasm for, and uptake of, trainer roles and ultimately yielding a professionalised, highly trained, motivated and supported cohort of trainers across Wales who strive continuously for improvement in the quality of training
  • A vehicle for providing support and effective recognition and consideration of trainer roles within performance development and job planning processes
  • Enhanced links, communication and accountability between the education organisers and LEPs responsible for delivering medical education and training in Wales
  • Provision of the foundation for a pan-Wales system of quality management of trainers
  • The ability to provide evidence of meeting the requirements defined in the GMC’s ‘Standards for Trainers’ and ‘The Gold Guide’, thereby enabling LEPs and education organisers to meet statutory obligations
  • Support for LEPs and education organisers as they support, manage, audit and resource the trainer roles.