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Application forms

LTFT Application Window

LTFT Commencing Application Window

August 2024 – Jan 2025

1 Feb – 29 Feb 2024

All Trainees are requested to submit their LTFT Application in the Application windows. Once the window closes, all applications will be reviewed by the Programme Directors and relevant Health Boards/Practices to ascertain if the application can be supported. A full breakdown of the anticipated timeline can be found in the LTFT Policy. 
The application window for LTFT commencing between August 2024 - January 2024 has now closed.  The next window will open in August, for those wishing to commence LTFT working between February 2025 and July 2025.  

New window opens August 2024


LTFT Application for Exceptional Circumstances

Trainees who have sudden ill health or the sudden need to take on caring responsibility or are returning to training are able to apply outside of the application window and should apply by submitting the digital Exceptional Circumstances application form below. We advise that the process should take approximately 8 weeks, therefore please bare that in mind when submitting your application.

Exceptional Circumstances Application


LTFT Application for Doctors in the recruitment system

Trainees who have accepted an offer to a training programme in Wales and wish to go LTFT at the point of commencing in post can apply by submitting a digital application within 10 days of receiving confirmation of their training post from HEIW. This has been outlined in your welcome letter. Please note, it can take up to 8 weeks for applications to be approved; please bear this in mind when submitting an application.

LTFT Application for New Recruits

Increase in hours

Trainees who wish to increase their WTE can do so by submitting an application outside of the application window. We advise that the process should take approximately 8 weeks therefore please bare that in mind when submitting your application.

Increase in hours application form