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Dance Movement Therapy

People taking part in dance therapy

“Dance movement psychotherapy (DMP) is a postgraduate-level profession that offers a system of embodied skills to help make, maintain and repair the relationship between body, self and other(s). DMP involves helping clients ask ‘body questions’, drawing connections between movement behaviour and life stress,  transforming relationships through the vehicle of psychotherapeutic creative expression” (Dr Thania Acarón 2020). 

“DMP is an empathic creative process practiced as individual and group therapy in clinical, community, and educational settings, as well as in private practice.” (Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMP UK) 2021). 

Introduction: What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy?

Emma Dickson: The coming together of Dance Movement Psychotherapy and dance to share the stories of the Armed Forces

Matilda Tonkin Wells: An introduction to dance therapy/movement

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Roisin Anwen Murphy: Dance Movement Psychotherapy working with University Health Boards in Wales

Samina Ali: Dance Movement Psychotherapist in Snowdonia

Using the principles from Dance Movement Psychotherapy for staff wellbeing: Case study of NHS Wales staff taster

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Meet the dance therapists