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Strategic mental health workforce plan for health and social care

Published: 13/03/2024

We are delighted to announce the publication of the first progress report of the Strategic Mental Health Workforce Plan for Health and Social Care.

The plan, which is the first of its kind in Wales, acknowledges the diverse group of individuals facing mental health challenges.

The plan was developed with the ambition of creating a motivated, engaged and valued mental health workforce, with the capacity, competence, and confidence to meet the needs of the people of Wales.

Working together, Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) and Social Care Wales have been implementing key actions in all seven areas of the plan, building important foundations for our current and future workforce.

On the publication of the progress report, the Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Lynne Neagle said:

Our mental health workforce faces numerous challenges, and despite this continue to deliver high quality care to the best of their ability day after day. I would like to thank employees in all professional groups for all that they do and am pleased to see the impact that our plan is beginning to have on supporting services across Wales.”

Sue Evans CEO of Social Care Wales said, "it is good to see the feedback and evidence that our actions are beginning to have an impact for people accessing mental health services.  A major strength in the plan has been its focus on co-design and delivery across health and social care, and both HEIW and Social Care Wales have been working very closely together to implement the actions."

Alex Howells CEO of HEIW commented, “This plan has been a huge opportunity for HEIW and Social Care Wales to put in place a comprehensive and coherent approach to the development of the mental health workforce, and although there is still a lot more to do, we are pleased to share progress to date and to thank our partners for their contributions and support”.

A copy of the progress report can be found on the HEIW website.