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My primary care placement as a student nurse at Plas Menai Surgery

By Ella

Following my time at Plas Menai Surgery, I feel obligated to emphasise the value and significance of primary care placements in moulding the career path of a healthcare practitioner. I have gained significant knowledge and clinical skills from this experience, which has truly transformed me and laid the groundwork for my future profession.

Prior to my placement at Plas Menai Surgery, I felt extremely worried and unsure of what I would gain from this placement, not knowing how I could complete my proficiencies and my Ongoing Record of Achievement (ORA). I decided that from day one, I would approach my placement with enthusiasm and a willingness to embrace every opportunity that came my way. I was shocked and pleased to discover that my perspective of primary care was wrong, as Plas Menai Surgery opened doors to a diverse range of experiences, broadening my perspective on primary care and its pivotal role in the healthcare system.

One of the highlights of my placement has been the variety of clinical experiences I've been fortunate to participate in. Venturing beyond the clinic walls, I joined Health Visitors in the community, accompanied Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) nurses on district visits and spent insightful days with physiotherapists and physician associates. I was even given the opportunity to travel to Holywell to sit in with the doctors during a Gender clinic which was extremely eye opening and interesting. This diverse exposure has provided me with a holistic understanding of healthcare delivery.

Plas Menai Surgery has been a hands-on classroom where theory met practice. My journey included the opportunity to refine my venepuncture skills, practice electrocardiograms (ECGs) and actively engage in wound care under the guidance of experienced practitioners. From compression and packing to stitch removal, each task was a stepping stone in my clinical development.

Being part of routine consultations and specialized reviews, I witnessed the intricate workings of primary care. I observed smear tests, participated in asthma, diabetic and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) reviews, and gained insights into vaccine administration. Administering vitamin B12 and depo provero injections further enriched my clinical skills.

Beyond the typical clinical setting, my time at Plas Menai allowed me to delve into specialized areas. I learned the intricacies of Spirometry tests, unravelling the complexities of respiratory diagnostics. Collaborating with the physiotherapy team, I delved into the mechanics of the human body, understanding the interplay of muscles and bones.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the Plas Menai team for their support and supervision. Their guidance has helped me develop, fostering an environment where questions were welcomed and learning was a collaborative effort.

I leave this placement with plenty of experiences, knowledge and a deep appreciation for the importance of primary care placements. The lessons learned here will undoubtedly shape my future practice and I am eager to bring this enriched perspective into my healthcare career.

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