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Genomics Literacy Week

Published 11/12/2023

Today marks the start of Genomics Literacy Week (11-15 December). 

Hosted by Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW), the aim of campaign is to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals of the benefits that genomics can bring to patient care.

A digital campaign booklet has been developed, featuring a bitesize introduction to genomics, learning opportunities for NHS staff, videos, useful resources and more.

Throughout the week, HEIW is hosting a series of online, lunchtime webinars for staff working across NHS Wales. To join a webinar, please email for joining details.

Date Time Webinar
Monday 11 December  1.00-1.30pm

How genomics can help your practice/ patients, with Dr Nicki Tavener

To optimise patient care, healthcare professionals across the NHS need to be offering genomics – find out more about how genomics is used in practice and how this may be relevant to you.

Tuesday 12 December  1.00-1.30pm

How to request a genomic test, with Dr Jon Hawken

How do you decide when you should offer a genomic test and what test to offer? Find out about the guidance available, as well as how to organise testing.

Wednesday 13 December  1.00-1.30pm

Understanding genomic test results and next steps, with Dr Ian Tully

Once you’ve requested a genomic test, find out how to interpret the result and what to do next.

Thursday 14 December 1.00-1.30pm

The Future of Genomics, with Dr Nicki Tavener

Genomics is developing fast, so how we offer genomic healthcare will change. Find out more about what the future of genomic healthcare may look like.

Friday 15 December  1.00-1.30pm

Pharmacogenomics, with Dr Sophie Harding

Our genomics affects how medications work in the body, so how effective they will be and whether there will be side effects. Find out how genomic testing informs prescribing.

What is genomics?

Genomics is the study of the genome – the DNA that contains the instructions for how our bodies grow, develop and function. A gene is a short section of DNA which tells the body how to make a protein that our body needs.

Differences in our genome can cause genetic conditions, or affect our chances of developing diseases. They change the way that we respond to medication and influence all aspects of our health. In infectious disease, differences in the genome will affect how easily an organism can spread and whether it will be affected by antibiotics and other agents.

“But I don’t work in genomics?” That doesn’t matter. 

Rapid advances in the study of the human genome provide huge opportunities to healthcare, no matter your area of clinical practice. This significant benefit to patients cannot be realised in NHS Wales without up-skilling everyone who makes up our healthcare workforce to enable increased integration of genomics into patient pathways.


For more information about our work in this area, visit our Genomics webpage.