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Developing a digitally capable workforce

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Digital Capability Framework for Healthcare in Wales.

This framework is a practical, interactive tool, for healthcare staff to better understand the skills, behaviours, and attitudes required to thrive in a digital world. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your digital capabilities, and self-assess, using our online tool. We have also provided a range of resources available to you to develop your digital skills.


Why are we doing this work?

Developing digital capability is about more than building a digitally ready workforce. It’s true that we all need to use IT systems in the workplace, and that digital health technologies are transforming the way we deliver our health services to improve the quality of patient care. But we also know that digital participation is linked to better outcomes, for everyone, including improved health and wellbeing, longer life expectancy, and better access to jobs and education. This can play a role in ongoing learning and development to support personal and professional digital skills.

Within healthcare we’re seeing incredible advances in the fields of AI, robotics, 3D printing, nanotechnology, and precision medicine. We’re using wearable devices to monitor health indicators in real-time, and telehealth platforms to allow patients to access care remotely.

These technologies are transforming the way healthcare is delivered, by shifting the focus from reactive to proactive care, we are moving towards a more sustainable model of healthcare. It has never been more important to empower people to feel confident and capable using technology -- because you are the experts at what you do, and best placed to shape how technology can be best used in your role, in your profession.


How to access the framework

The Digital Capability Framework, including the online self-evaluation tool, are hosted on our new national digital learning platform: Y Ty Dysgu. This is where we will host all the online aspects of training and education we deliver nationally.

You will need to sign up for an account and verify your email address. Your sign up should be complete within one working day. You’ll receive an email to confirm this, and inviting you to log in.

When you log in you are automatically enrolled on the Digital Capability Framework course which has information about the framework, and the link to the self-evaluation.

The results of the evaluation are for you alone, individual responses are private. However, it will provide a much-needed (anonymised) overview of the digital capabilities of the healthcare workforce in Wales, allowing us to better plan our support and training.

All the information you need is on our website.