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A new event will help develop flexible, happy doctors in Wales

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We’re launching the first trainee doctor development day in Wales to help reduce burnout and strengthen a sustainable medical workforce.

Burnout is becoming a challenging issue for trainee doctors in Wales.

This event will focus on how trainee doctors can have flexible careers which helps reduce the intensity of work and foster resilience.

During the event, trainees will be taught ways of introducing change to find innovative solutions for any potential training issues. Wellbeing and compassionate leadership will be a key part of the event.

Trainee doctor, Nadine McCauley, said “This event is deeply needed. It’s great to know that our concerns as trainee doctors are being heard. I’m encouraged to see this as a priority focus to retain doctors for the future”.

We want to reduce the risk of losing high quality staff and highlight the importance of promoting roles and opportunities to attract, reward, develop and retain doctors in Wales.

This event is inspired by A Healthier Wales Quadruple Aim. This is to deliver an inclusive, engaged, sustainable, flexible and responsive workforce in health and social care. A Healthier Wales strategy also advises the importance of a workforce who feel valued.

Leona Walsh, who’s part of HEIW’s Professional Support Uni team and will be speaking at the event, said “This event will be a great opportunity for us to promote engagement between HEIW and trainees, as well as educating them on our role in promoting their future career in Wales”.

Attendees will be encouraged to provide feedback after the event which will be used to guide us when organising future events of this kind.

If you’re a trainee doctor, please book your place on this event.