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Apprentice with expert

Apprenticeships are a way to earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain role specific skills and knowledge.

Depending on the size and level of the qualification it will take between 1 to 3 years to complete an apprenticeship. It combines practical, work-based training with study working towards a Welsh Apprenticeship Framework. Apprentices in conjunction with their line manager will select an appropriate Apprenticeship Framework which will include Competence, Knowledge, and relevant Essential Skills qualifications.

There are around 190 job roles available on a broad range of sectors from Level 2 to Level 5. Full details of all current frameworks can be found on the Frameworks Library | ACW - Website.

The managers handbook provides guidance to managers interested in providing an Apprenticeship in their area. You can find this here: Apprenticeship Handbook - Apprenticeship Managers' Handbook 2023.

Further information on the apprenticeship frameworks available in NHS Wales and the qualifications they contain can be found here:

The learner's leaflet provides guidance to potential apprentices, giving an outline of opportunities, expectations and eligibility requirements.  You can find this here: Apprenticeships leaflet.