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NHS bursary news: October 2022

October 2022 update

Streaming recruitment for AHP and HCS graduates in 2023

HEIW will no longer be operating a recruitment methodology known as Streamlining for final year AHP and HCS students who are graduating in 2023.

This does not affect nursing, midwifery, ODP and physician associates who will continue to use streamlining supported by NWSSP colleagues.

HEIW will be holding Q and A sessions via the Universities in the near future to answer any queries

HEIW will be working with Health Boards and Trusts to promote jobs for new graduates in 2023.

If you have any queries and links to the bursary please contact

This change does not affect the terms and conditions of the NHS bursary which continues to operate in Wales

Please do not contact the AHP streamlining team at NWSSP. The inbox will cease to operate and they will not respond to queries.