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Suman Mitra

Suman Mitra

Suman has a special interest in patient centred simulation for the delivery of medical education and interprofessional education.

He has been involved in simulation training and teaching since 2009 when he started medical student selected component programme supervision.

Suman integrated that with postgraduate training and pre-hospital paramedic teaching. Since then, He has followed the strategy of an all-inclusive approach for medical education that involves multiple specialties taking part both as faculty and as learners to achieve their individual objectives while keeping the patient in the centre. His projects have been presented in national and international conferences and attracted recognition for the students involved.

Different curriculum but a common theme of learning has been the structure of simulation-based education he delivers. Over the last ten years he has conducted monthly simulation based professional development sessions that use locations across North Wales and involving doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, first responders, fire & rescue, mountain rescue, cave rescue, coast guard and RNLI staff.

His vision for simulation-based education for Wales is to help and support patient centred interprofessional learning that brings everyone, who is involved in a patients journey, together to learn of and from each other.

As an Honorary Senior Lecturer and Module lead for Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education, he has been involved in organising, teaching and assessing the module 'Teaching and Technology' for the last 6 years. This teaches candidates the adult learning theories, hardware and software of simulation technology as well as encourage them to think about how human factors and team resource management can be incorporated in simulation-based education.

Apart from his day job and educational interest, Suman spends time in his farm in North Wales where he lives. There is always something to do when trying to grow organic vegetables, keep hens and maintain the fields.