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Developing Dental leadership: Making prevention work in practice (MPWiP) overview

Delivering better oral health (DBOH) provides the evidence-based guidance on preventive interventions that dental teams should be adopting to improve the oral health of their patients. The General Dental Service Reform Programme builds on the philosophy of Prudent Healthcare.  The focus is on transformation, innovation and promoting a prevention focus in needed-led service delivery.

Greater use of skill mix in the prevention agenda and application of fluoride varnish means that time previously spent by dentists and other dental care professionals (DCPs) on this type of intervention could be used to see and care for further patients – increasing access for all.

The one-day “Train the Trainer” course aims to equip dentists, hygienists and therapists to deliver the MPWiP course to dental nurses (DNs) in their workplace providing additional skills to dental nurses in the provision of appropriate preventive advice and application of topical fluoride varnish. These programmes are delivered via Microsoft Teams (MST) and face to face from postgraduate centres across Wales.

This course is aimed at dental professionals who wish to extend their role into dental leadership through the development of the extended training of dental nurses. The programme is delivered by Educators from Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW). It is very different from other courses as it recognises the importance of providing appropriate preventive advice in addition to applying fluoride varnish. It develops the competence of the trainer and their understanding of the importance of value-based quality care. Successful completion of the training will provide a licence to train dental nurses for a period of one year.

Stage 1: One day train the trainer course completed - 12-month license issued if successful. In order to attend the course, the trainer must identify and name a suitable dental nurse for the training at the application stage. 

Stage 2: Dental nurse(s) trained in workplace setting started within three months of completing train the trainer course

Stage 3: Dental nurse submits completed portfolio within 12 weeks of training start date

Stage 4: The completed portfolio is assessed and returned to the dental nurse within 4 weeks of submission being received

To apply for a place on the course please complete and submit the application form below.

For more information, please contact Martine Cuddihy.

Please see Y Ty Dysgu for forthcoming Train the Trainer dates.