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MedTRiM and resilience

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New online blended courses are available to support the ongoing psychological resilience and wellbeing of NHS staff in Wales during the COVID response.

The courses allow previous NHS staff attendees to revise their Medical Trauma Resilience Management (MedTRiM) training, while restrictions to normal working practices are in place. An additional full subscription only MedTrim practitioner course will be available from July. All courses present opportunities for self-directed study and interaction with the MedTRiM expert facilitators.

MedTRiM was developed several years ago by Dr Mark Stacey, Consultant Anaesthetist and Associate Dean (New Initiatives at Health Education Improvement Wales) in collaboration with Professor Andy McCann and Steve Eaton MBE of DNA Definitive. The courses have achieved international interest with well over 1,200 clinicians attending the training courses from across the UK. The course material provides a strategy for dealing with potentially harmful health care associated events and a variety of skills to enhance your own wellbeing.

As well as learning how to implement the MedTRiM Organisation Management approach, the course emphasises the need for self-care through a range of evidence-based wellbeing strategies developed for the courses. Known as the Wellbeing Baker’s Dozen, thirteen strategies are highlighted throughout the training.

Course attendees, F2’s Charlie (ABUHB) and Hattie (CVUHB) commented, “What we learnt was so useful, we started planning an education day around the course content, to take back to our 5th year medical students, in our lunch break”.

In collaboration with the world class learning provider, MiMentor, the first online blended learning course is now available. The MedTRiM short refresher course is intended for individuals who have previously attended a MedTRiM course.


Dr Mark Stacey, Consultant Anaesthetist: “The MedTRiM courses were originally based on the Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) approach developed and adopted by the UK military, most notably the Royal Marines, which is a proactive approach to supporting workers who are likely to witness a number of distressing scenes and be exposed to a range of potentially traumatic events. The aim of the MedTRiM approach is to be an integral part of developing a trauma informed organisation, and one where the strength is seen as asking for help.

Senior leadership should have a substantial understanding of the MedTRiM training programmes as they are instrumental in its implementation. Without support from leadership/management, the initiative will fail. As such, MedTRiM augments the usual leadership and management functions of an organisation after potentially traumatic events, but does not replace them.”

Mark is proud that the course has been developed by the team in Wales and that it is being adopted by Health Boards and Trusts within Wales, the UK and further afield.

Professor Andy McCann: “The training provides a framework for managing adverse psychological consequences for staff exposed to potentially traumatic events during the course of their work, and it develops practitioners to assist organisational leaders/managers in supporting colleagues with the psychological aspects of potentially traumatic events”.

Steve Eaton: "TRiM is a credible way forward to support whatever services may already be in place, with evidence that it makes a difference through normalisation and reassurance, education and mobilising peer-based social support. The use of peer support to enhance resilience has been highlighted across different populations with indication that it can promote the qualities that underpin resilience. As such, it is also useful to train a broad range of staff from across all functions within an organisation so that a flexible response can be delivered at the right level.

Available as an online learning platform, users will need to be invited to enrol. If you are interested in this resource please send an email to for further details.

Baker's Dozen