Health & Social Care Workforce Strategy

Update: 20 December 2019

Thank you all again for your support and contributions to the first workforce strategy for health and social care in Wales.

The draft strategy has been reviewed and approved with minor amendments by our respective Boards and the final version submitted to Welsh Government.

You can find a copy of the strategy here and of the covering letter to the Welsh Government here.

We are now waiting to hear from the Welsh Government regarding next steps including how the final strategy will be published and implemented.

Nadolig Llawen

Alex Howells                                 Sue Evans
Chief Executive                               Chief Executive
Health Education and                     Social Care Wales
Improvement Wales


The first-ever health and social care workforce strategy is being developed by Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) and Social Care Wales, supported by the Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University.

Following recommendations from A Healthier Wales, the Welsh Government has commissioned Social Care Wales and HEIW to develop a long-term high level workforce strategy in partnership with the NHS and local government, the voluntary and independent sectors as well as regulators, professional bodies and education providers.

Sue Evans, Chief Executive of Social Care Wales, said:

“To produce a strategy that truly meets the needs of the people of Wales over the next 10 years, we need the views of colleagues and organisations from across the country, as well as people using health and care services. 

Alex Howells, Chief Executive of HEIW, said:

“The workforce strategy is an opportunity for us to be ambitious and forward-thinking in how we develop our current and future workforce, making sure that we put staff well-being and staff experience at the core of our proposals.”