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Nursing retention support

This page contains tools, information, and support to empower nurses and organisations to retain talented nursing professionals and protect their wellbeing.

Our Retention Hub also has tools, research and more information to support the retention agenda.


Resources for retaining nurses

Retention plan

This nurse retention plan is aimed at supporting the retention of nurses employed in NHS Wales organisations. It is intended to supplement and strengthen the work that many organisations are already progressing and is supported by the retention guide and the self-assessment tool.

Self-assessment tool

This self-assessment tool for nurses can significantly enhance retention in nursing. It aims to empower nurses to reflect on their skills, identify areas for improvement, and engage in continuous professional development. This will help boost nurses’ job satisfaction and commitment to the profession.

Retention guide

Tailored to the unique needs of NHS staff, this guide offers essential support, resources, and strategies. It aims to address challenges, promote job satisfaction, and enhance nursing profession retention.

The following resources can be found in the retention guide:

  • Mentorship programs: Pairing experienced nurses with newcomers can help ease the transition into the profession, provide guidance, and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Continuing education: Offering opportunities for nurses to enhance their skills and knowledge through ongoing training and education can boost job satisfaction and retention.
  • Flexible scheduling: Providing options for flexible work schedules can accommodate nurses' diverse needs and improve work-life balance.
  • Recognition and rewards: Recognising and rewarding nurses for their hard work and dedication can boost morale and job satisfaction.
  • Wellness programs: Promoting physical and mental wellbeing through wellness initiatives can reduce burnout and absences.
  • Workplace support: Creating a supportive work environment with open communication channels and addressing nurse concerns can significantly impact retention rates.


Wellbeing resources for nurses:
  • Mental health resources: We provide access to mental health resources tailored to the unique challenges nurses face.
  • Peer support groups: Connect with fellow nurses to share experiences, offer support, and build a strong community.
  • Stress management: Learn effective stress management techniques to navigate the demands of the profession.
  • Career growth: Explore opportunities for career advancement and professional development within the nursing field.


Why nurse retention matters

Nurses play a critical role in providing quality patient care. However, the nursing profession faces numerous challenges, including high turnover rates and burnout.

This can lead to decreased patient satisfaction, increased costs, and compromised patient safety. Retaining experienced nurses not only benefits the healthcare workforce but also the patients they serve.