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September 2019

Steering group

A steering group has been established to run parallel to the workforce strategy steering group to oversee the production of the leadership strategy, map existing leadership and management resources and share intelligence on developments within various sectors. Representatives on the group include: WG, NHS Wales, Social Care Wales, Academi Wales and Local Government.

Review of existing leadership development

A review of leadership development across NHS Wales was carried out in May 2019. A similar review will be carried out in social care will be completed in December 2019.

Development of a digital leadership portal

A digital leadership portal crossing organisational boundaries is a critical part of the leadership programme. A procurement exercise took place to identify a supplier and award a contract for a 12 month pilot which is now in place. The portal will provide a ‘mangers resource library’ by collating and standardising the vast range of management development materials available. It will also host a refreshed NHS Wales Core Competence Framework for Managers and Supervisors reviewed in partnership with Academi Wales and NHS Wales.

Cultural and leadership tools

NHS England have developed over 40 open source cultural leadership products with The Kings Fund. HEIW has secured permission to review, adapt, adopt and host the tools to enable the delivery of the leadership strategy. A workshop has been arranged 20th February 2020 with NHS Improvement and NHS England to review the tools and create competence and capacity in using these tools across NHS Wales.