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Advanced clinical leadership programme

This is a leadership development programme for clinicians working within the NHS in Wales. It is designed to run alongside your role.

The programme aims to create an NHS full of compassionate and collaborative leaders which will support our workforce and benefit patients.

It has been designed with reference to the Compassionate Leadership Principles for Health and Care (2021). It requires a commitment of 15 days over 10 months. Most sessions are virtual with some in-person events held in southeast Wales.


During the residential element of the 2022 cohort (a few days at an outdoor, team building centre) we asked some of the clinicians on the course what they thought of it so far. See what they had to say in the video below.  

Programme information

  • Create a cohort of multi-professional clinicians with the knowledge, skills, confidence and ambition to take up formal senior leadership roles in NHS Wales.
  • Establish a sustainable supportive network across health board boundaries lasting beyond the programme time frame.
  • Encourage clinical leaders who take responsibility for their leadership development and understand their current and potential impact and influence at an individual, team and system level.

How we lead teams, or behave as a member of a team, is key to whether the team is effective and high performing, and according to extensive research carried out by Michael West and colleagues, has significant consequences for patient mortality. The residential will provide the opportunity to put theory into practice and involvement in team exercises outside of the work environment. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Define their role in relation to their place as manager/ leader/ member of a team
  • Explore their preferred team role /s and leadership style/s exploring the impact on team climate
  • Explore effective and high performing Team Theory and understood the key enablers to effective team working through practical application.


Applications for cohort 1 and 2 are currently closed. If you are interested in applying for future cohorts, please register your interest here

Should you have any further queries, please contact:

Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by their Executive Sponsor throughout the programme.

They will also have the opportunity to hone their own coaching and mentorship skills, by engaging in a paired learning relationship with a member of the Wales Clinical Leadership Training Fellowship or alternate development programme.

The emphasis of this programme element will be to work on developing effective actions through joint working on current problems, incorporating reflection and review in order to learn for the future. Participants will acquire long lasting problem solving and leadership skills, evolve fresh ideas and form effective plans for immediate implementation.

The programme is structured across three themes: Leading Self, Leading People and Leading Systems.

Themes will interrelate across programme delivery and taught components will be supported by asynchronous content to further develop participant learning.

Click on each of the Themes below for further information on the expected learning outcomes.

The programme will be delivered over a 10 month period commencing in September 2022 and will offer:

  • A clinically focussed multi-professional cohort and contributors with a dedicated interactive programme page hosted by the ‘Gwella’ Leadership Portal for NHS Wales
  • A blended and flexible delivery approach with 'in person' workshops interspersed with virtual sessions, supported by key/expert speakers from across NHS Wales and the UK
  • Digital synchronous and asynchronous learning resources
  • Peer networking and problem solving via Support and Challenge Groups
  • The opportunity to be supported in achieving local project work /strategic objectives; as well as influence a key national agenda
  • Paired Learning / Reverse Mentoring with colleagues taking part in Leadership Fellowships/ Development opportunities
  • The opportunity for Academic Accreditation for those who wish to pursue this option.

If you are a senior clinical professional with significant management and leadership responsibilities, in a role such as those outlined below, then this programme is for YOU!

  • Service Lead
  • Head of Department/Service
  • Clinical Director
  • Assistant and Associate Director

Applicants will be required to have a named executive sponsor from within their organisation who will act as a mentor throughout the life of the programme.