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Vision and purpose


Transforming the workforce for a healthier Wales

The role of the workforce is pivotal in building a sustainable way of providing healthcare to the people of Wales in the future. As such, we will work closely with our stakeholders to continuously evaluate, re-imagine, and re-invent how we need to work to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.


Our purpose is to integrate, and grow expertise and capability in planning, developing, shaping, and supporting the health workforce -ensuring we have the right staff, with the right skills, to deliver world-class health and care to the people of Wales.

We will do this in line with the following PEOPLE principles, which capture what we, as the workforce that makes HEIW, feel are important, and also reflect what our partners and stakeholders have told us:

  • P – Planning ahead to predict and embrace changes, and to build a sustainable health and social care system;
  • E – Educating, training, and developing staff to meet the needs of patients and citizens, in line with prudent healthcare principles;
  • O – Offering opportunities for development to new and existing staff from all professional and occupational groups throughout career pathways;
  • P – Partnership working to increase value for our citizens, patients, learners, and staff;
  • L – Leading the way through continuous learning, improvement, and innovation;
  • E – Exciting, Enthusing, Engaging, Enabling, and Empowering staff across all professional and occupational groups.