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Values and behaviours

Our values and behaviours have been created by us, the individuals who together make HEIW.

They record for everyone to see: how we will behave; how we will treat others; how we will work; and how we will support our healthcare colleagues to ensure the people of Wales receive world-class healthcare.

They also record how we will not behave, and behaviour we will not accept.

Respect for all: in every contact we have with others

We will:

  • actively listen – make time to listen, to hear, and to respond to everyone’s views
  • seek to understand alternative viewpoints, and see things from others' perspectives
  • challenge constructively and objectively, and deal with disagreement quickly and respectfully, maintaining people's dignity
  • respect other people’s expertise, and trust people to do their jobs
  • take personal responsibility for our actions, and have the confidence to admit mistakes and apologise
  • treat people fairly and equitably, according to their needs
  • value all differences, not just professional backgrounds, experience, and skills.

We will not:

  • allow challenges, or differences of opinion, to become personal
  • behave in a way that could be perceived as bullying
  • exclude others
  • behave in a way that could be perceived as prejudicial
  • give preferential treatment
  • dominate discussions or approaches
  • tolerate racism or any other form of discrimination.

Together as a team: we will work with colleagues across NHS Wales and with partner organisations

We will:

  • seek out, recognise, and value the knowledge, skills, and experience of others from within HEIW and across our stakeholders
  • openly receive contributions from colleagues and partners
  • work hard for each other, contribute our best, whether we are leading or supporting work
  • work collaboratively
  • be open and transparent, and work towards shared objectives
  • have fun.

We will not:

  • withhold important, relevant information
  • forget to communicate with each other
  • lack loyalty towards each other and HEIW
  • work rigidly to defined boundaries.

Ideas that improve: harnessing creativity, and continuously innovating and evaluating

We will:

  • be creative, curious, and future-thinking
  • challenge the status quo, and suggest constructive solutions
  • take a positive approach to challenges and problems
  • drive informed innovation and improvement for patients, staff, and learners
  • empower staff, teams, and partners with skills to improve
  • seek out, and respond to, feedback from patients, learners, staff, and partners
  • talk up and celebrate success;
  • embrace, and learn from, mistakes
  • focus on the "whys" - the purpose, and the outcome
  • create and protect time.

We will not:

  • behave in a negative or “can’t do” way;
  • be defensive when challenging existing ways of working;
  • think we know best;
  • Allow obstacles to stop improvement;
  • blame others for mistakes.