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Strategic objectives

Our work programme going forwards is centred around six strategic aims, four of which are externally facing and two are predominantly internally facing and about how we work with others.

Together they present HEIW with the opportunity to make a real difference to patients, quality of care, trainee and student experience and the wellbeing of the NHS workforce culture. These are:

  1. to lead the planning, development and wellbeing of a competent, sustainable and flexible workforce to support the delivery of ‘A Healthier Wales’
  2. to improve the quality and accessibility of education and training for all healthcare staff ensuring that it meets future needs
  3. to work with partners to improve collective leadership capacity in the NHS
  4. to develop the workforce to support the delivery of safety and quality
  5. to be an exemplar employer and a great place to work
  6. to be recognised as an excellent partner, influencer and leader.

Whilst this is a three-year plan to capture and deliver on our plans, three years is a short timeframe and as such, we have developed our plans in terms of a five and ten year look forward. The Workforce Strategy for Health and Social Care will drive this work for us.