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Our Strategic Aims and Objectives

Our strategic aims and objectives have been streamlined to ensure they clarify our role, our unique contribution and added value in the wider NHS system. 

Strategic Aim 1

Building our Future Workforce: Developing and implementing plans that align future workforce demand with supply. 

This includes making investments in training the new workforce, delivering multi-disciplinary education, and training and strategic workforce plans and improving attraction and recruitment to education, training, and employment.

Strategic Aim 2

Developing our Current Workforce: Transforming today’s workforce to contribute to new models of care which improve quality and safety.

Strategic Aim 3

Culture and leadership in NHS Wales: Embedding compassionate leadership principles to develop cultures that support inclusion, wellbeing and quality.

Shaping culture and leadership means embedding compassionate leadership principles to develop cultures that support inclusion, wellbeing, and quality.

Our 11 strategic objectives
  1. Invest in domestic education & training supply to respond to health and care needs.
  2. Transform multi-disciplinary education & training to meet future needs.
  3. Develop, publish, and implement strategic workforce plans in priority areas.
  4. Improving attraction & recruitment to education, training & employment.
  5. Develop workforce solutions for National NHS Programmes & Priorities.
  6. Design and develop resources to support workforce and service transformation.
  7. Target development of skills & capabilities to support transformation & future proof current staff.
  8. Scale and spread compassionate & collective leadership opportunities for leaders at all levels across NHS Wales.
  9. Create diverse & multi-professional pipelines of aspiring leaders for NHS Wales.
  10. Influence cultures that promote retention, staff wellbeing, improved engagement and effective teamworking within NHS Wales.
  11. Ensure equality, diversity & inclusion is embedded in all that we deliver.