NHS Wales Staff Survey 2020

Our reflections, our decisions, our future

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While our NHS Wales Staff Survey 2020 has closed, it is now time to spend time with colleagues reflecting, having conversations and deciding on what we can each do to make our work and workplaces better. This prompt should help us.

By our work and workplaces being the best they can be, we will be the best we can be and our patients/communities will get the best possible care.

Over 20% of colleagues took part over the 21 days the survey was open, which both compares favourably to previous surveys and gives us opportunities to encourage others to participate in the future.

As the approach is different and questions were not asked in the same way, drawing direct comparisons needs to be treated with an element of caution. That said, I am pleased that after such a difficult 2020, the results are broadly similar to the 2018 survey and show ongoing improvements since 2013. Key highlights that I have noticed are:

  • more people are feeling enthusiastic about their work (2016=68% and 2020=77%)
  • the percentage of people who feel that they are involved in discussing change has remained the same as 2018 at 55%
  • however, there appears to be less involvement in making improvements (2018=75% and 2020-63%) and taking time out to reflect and learn (2018=60% and 2020=52%).
  • in 2018, I highlighted the important issues of bullying harassment and abuse by colleagues/managers/members of the public in the previous 12 months. Since 2018, I am pleased to see this reduce from managers (2018=18% 2020=10%) and members of the public (2018=21% and 2020=15%). It is disappointing not to see a similar reduction in other colleagues (2018=18% 2020=17%) and also that there appears to be less confidence that action will be taken (2018=50% and 2020=42%). This remains a priority.

I am reassured that work is happening both across NHS Wales, in social partnership through the Welsh Partnership Forum and within organisations to create more compassionate leadership, collaborative relationships and to recognise the importance of listening and talking to each other in order to encourage Healthy Working Relationships, as summarised in the recently published Workforce Strategy.

Overall, especially given the experiences of 2020 and the fantastic work of NHS Wales colleagues in rising to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, I feel reassured that the approaches we are taking will help us have a Healthier Wales.

To look at the results yourself, you can get full access to these results by contacting support@qlearsite.com.

More detailed results are also available through your manager, trade union, workforce and OD team and/or local link. 

During 2021, there will be shorter and more regular opportunities to get involved in giving feedback and having conversations.

Thank you again for taking part, and I look forward to seeing the impact of the reflective, collaborative and localised conversations and decisions following on from these results.

Vaughan Gething
Minister for Health and Social Services


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