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HEIW's statement regarding the Provisional Registration of 2019/20 Pre-registration Pharmacists.

Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) recognise the multiple concerns for trainees, tutors and employers over pre-registration pharmacist training for 2019/20 caused by the impacts of COVID-19 and resulting delays to the registration assessment.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has released the criteria for pharmacist provisional registration, which was agreed by the Council on the 21st May 2020. The policy sets out the criteria that the current 2019/20 pre-registration pharmacist trainees will have to meet to be eligible to join the Pharmacist register on a provisional basis. It also outlines requirements that employers must put in place to support provisionally-registered pharmacists and to protect patient safety. The full policy can be found here.

HEIW welcomes the GPhC policy for provisional registration and looks forward to the additional information that will support this policy. HEIW will work in collaboration with employers, tutors, trainees and GPhC to ensure provisional registrants in Wales are given the necessary support to meet the requirements of full registration.  

HEIW understands there are still many questions to be answered and outstanding concerns. We will ensure that our pre-registration team have the latest information and they should be your primary contact point for any queries. The contact details for the team are included below. In particular, our sincere thanks go out to all current pre-registration pharmacist trainees for their understanding, professionalism and flexibility during this time.

Laura Doyle – Head of Undergraduate and Pre-Foundation Pharmacist –
Bethan Broad – Pre-Foundation Operational Lead -  

Natalie Stansfield – Pre-Foundation Operational Support -  

Anna Hughes – Pre-Foundation Regional Lead North Wales -
Laura Humphrey – Pre-Foundation Regional Lead South Wales -  

Lynwen Jones – Pre-Foundation Regional Lead West Wales -
Martyn Jayne – Pre-Foundation Regional Lead South Wales -  

Professor Pushpinder Mangat, Medical Director, HEIW