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Tailored clinical placements

The IIP and RtP Programmes includes a number of elements which help us advise and tailor the clinical placement to meet your individual learning needs, experience, and personal commitments. These are:

Career and Educational needs review – Once you have registered your intention to enter one of the programmes and passed the Multiple Choice Questionnaire, HEIW will link you with a local GP Associate Dean in the area you plan to carry out your clinical placement. They will review your training and experience and tailor your clinical placement based on your learning needs

Access to online resources – HEIW will arrange access to online resources to allow you to start refreshing your current clinical knowledge

Practice Taster sessions – These are short 1-5 day placements at an approved GP Further Training Practice which allow you to spend time with a GP to learn about their role and work of an NHS GP in todays’ rapidly changing service

Confirmed placement – During your tailored clinical placement you will complete a variety of workplace based assessments. These assessments include observed consultations, case-based discussions, and multi-source feedback. Results are recorded in the Structured Trainers Report logbook and once the clinical placement is completed, is then submitted to the Medical Director for a decision on whether unconditional inclusion onto the Medical Performers List is granted