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Postgraduate medical careers

Medial students

We know many Doctors now seek flexible careers the same as many other professions and so we have developed the webpages to help support you through your short, medium and long term career goals.

Just so to put medical careers into context and to help you understand the process we have developed the webpages around the following careers model:

  • Self assessment (taking a history)
  • Career exploration (examination and options)
  • Decision making (forming a detailed diagnosis)
  • Plan implementation (following through the treatment plan)

"The Roads to Success" model (Elton, C. & Reid, J., 2009)

Being busy Doctors we realise you sometimes don't have a lot of time to consider your options, decisions often need to made quickly and so we have included some really useful signposting and helpful resources to cover every angle: for those who are already Decided about your career path, those who are Exploring all options or Rethinking your career.