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Daryl Harris - Clinical Psychologist

Name: Daryl Harris

Profession: Clinical Psychologist

Background: Daryl has 27 years’ experience working as a practitioner and clinical leader within public services. Most of this time has been in the NHS but he has also worked with criminal justice services in Wales, England, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Daryl’s thoughts on ICDM: In this role I am responsible for working alongside health board leaders and practitioners to establish the optimal conditions for flexible, effective, and ethical decision making at all levels of the NHS. I believe that establishing these conditions starts with the identification of shared outcomes. It also includes helping to identify and facilitate key relationships, providing support for the development of workforce capabilities, helping to negotiate access to strategic and operational support, and working with health board colleagues to create a spirit of sustained collective enquiry.   

Hobbies: Daryl enjoys rugby, swimming, writing, table tennis, travel, camping, surfing, walking the dog, mucking about with the kids, and socialising with friends and family.