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The 3D programme is a free educational programme open to GPs, hospital based doctors, public health doctors, dentists, pharmacists and ophthalmologists.

The 3D programme is designed to address the educational requirements of healthcare workers who wish to extend their abilities in engaging with, and influencing, the service improvement agenda in NHS Wales.

A key component of the 3D programme is the 3D project; a project identified by the participant which is based upon health care improvement. Through a combination of organisational theory and practice, the programme aims to increase the skills and confidence of those clinicians who do not see themselves as leaders in the traditional sense, but wish to implement and influence change within their clinical area.

The 3D programme aims to:

  • increase capacity to engage in the improvement of the NHS in Wales
  • enhance ability to work within and to lead teams
  • recognise and manage the barriers preventing improvement in patient care
  • develop opportunities which can lead to improvements in the quality of care
  • apply aspects of organisational theory to workplace and project
  • gain insights into the local NHS organisational development, to improve the delivery of care
  • become part of a network of clinicians with a broadened understanding of the NHS with experience of affecting change at a local or national level.

The programme runs from September to May and consists of seven online modules. Modules will be released sequentially, and the successful participants will be given planned dates/times for the online activities.

"The 3D programme helped me to solve problems, predict barriers, helped provide solutions, provided me time to think, and kept me going!"

"The 3D programme will undoubtedly affect my future vision as a doctor in a very positive way. I now feel more prepared and informed about how to manage future challenges in my professional life."

For more information please contact CPD Admin.

Recruitment now open - Application form

Closing Date Monday 26th of July 2021