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Poster submissions

Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) invited medical trainers, trainees and those with an interest in quality improvement to submit abstracts for posters for the 2020 Looking Forward Conference.  A large number of submissions were received and the posters from the successful authors can be viewed here. 

The need to adapt to indefinite uncertainty - delivering specialist care during a pandemic. A retrospective analysis and reflection of using telemedicine to manage respiratory outpatient care:

Saha, S

Effectiveness of ocular protection during simulated mastoidectomy:

Sebastian Sheehan *, Daniel Warrell (Awdur cyntaf ar y cyd/ Joint first author), Yasmine Kamhieh, Andrew Harris

Lessons Learnt from Morbidity and Mortality Reviews in a Tertiary Centre Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit:

John I J*, Duncan T a/and Saayman A

Combining CWTCH Cymru and COVID-19 to develop a National Video Consulting Service in Wales: 

Johns*, G., Tan, J., Ahuja*, A.

The National Video Consulting Service in Wales - Phase 1 Findings Using a QI Approach from 13,000 Welsh Participants:

Johns*, G., Khalil, S., Ogonovsky, M., King, A., & Ahuja*, A.

NHS Wales COVID-19 Innovation and Transformation Study:

James, T

Inter-departmental, multidisciplinary COVID-19 patient simulation exercise:

*Lewis V, Cairns T, Creaser-Thomas J, Wokman D

Cardiac Arrest during Covid-19: A Multidisciplinary Simulation Based Approach:

*Creaser-Thomas J

 The importance of relationships to deliver teaching quickly and on a scale in a pandemic:

Williams N.E, Hemrom S, Jones Ll.A, Holmes T, Frost P

Using video conferencing and collaboration with experts to deliver real-time local COVID-19 learning during wave one of a pandemic:

Williams N.E, Parry-Jones J, Holmes T

Major trauma interactive 360 degree immersive learning scenarios:

Nicholas B*, West-Jones S, Morley K, Taylor R, Walters A, Rogers E

Adapting medical student placement experience in Intellectual Disabilities during the pandemic:

*Medhurst, D; Dunstall, H; Adrover, M; Isaac, A; Cardoza, B

Remotely viewing through the eyes of a Microscope!

*Obi EE

Seeking Alternative Methods to Teaching in Nurse Education : Virtual Reality:

Russon* H

Pilot Study: Improving Endoscopic Gastrointestinal Biopsy Specimen Processing:

*Tremlett J, Christian A, Haboubi H

Introduction of the ‘MyAsthma’ application to aid managing complex asthma patients in the outpatient setting:

Parkes E*, Lewis V, Zalewska K

Care Home Cwtch: an innovative response to support care home managers during challenging times (Covid-19 pandemic):

*Davies, R *Powell, J

Innovation in Challenging Times - Maximising Training Opportunities by Reducing Cancelled Operations:

*Holden C, Warrell D, Addams-Williams J

Medication collection from community hospitals: innovations to save a precious service:

Callander J*, Alsaadi D, Hill G

Bite size-the right size for Interprofessional education:

* Issac R ,Fitchett N , Vallabhaneni P

Obstetric Anaesthesia E-Learning Programme. An innovative educational resource for challenging times:

*James KE, Thomas G, Adamson M, Metodiev Y, Welsh Anaesthetic Trainee Collaborators.

Collaborate – The Smarter Way to Teach! :

*Cotter M, Hill C,

CAV Virtual Medical Work Observation Programme (VMWOP 2020) :

*Cotter M, Hill C, Stillman K

Remote Induction in The Welsh School of Anaesthesia:

*Braggins S(1), Dhadda A(2), Emmett L,(2) Duff E(3), Adamson M(3), Lilley G(3).   (1) Hyfforddai craidd WSA (2) Hyfforddai arbennig WSA (3)Anaesthetydd Ymgynghorol WSA/ (1)Core trainee WSA (2) Specialty trainee WSA (3)Consultant Anaesthetist WSA

An Evaluation of Gynaecology Outpatient Telephone Clinics during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Stace C, Davies-Oliveira JC, Collett S, *Ashraf M

Tele-communication during COVID- A Quality Improvement project:

*Tayyab, Sarmad ; Leopold, Nicky

The impact of face-to-face pulmonary rehabilitation on the recovery of patients who have been diagnosed with severe COVID-19 requiring non-invasive and invasive ventilation:

*Lucey A, Lewis V, *Jones S, Fairbairn S

Designing and organising a virtual regional haematology registrar teaching programme during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Munglani* L, Scott G, Bygrave C

To establish the efficacy of podcast teaching for intensive care staff during the COVID-19 pandemic:

*Grice H, Williams N, Bradburn S, Holmes T

Innovative, interactive online training in pain medicine:

*Wainwright K, Wassall R, Pierce S

Trainees` Perspective on the best use of Supervision-Hour in Psychiatry Training - A Qualitative Study:

*Ahmed RA, Bader M, Mohamed F

Adapting Endoscopy training during a Pandemic:

*Abdalla B., Davies B., Shakespeare R., Turner J., Green J., Haboubi H

The simple innovations are often the most effective: Improving pre-surgical Covid-19 swab protocol:

*Warrell D, *Holden C

Documentation and streamlining of the critical care admission process in the COVID-19 age:

Riddell N*, Rees J, Graham A, Bradburn S

Creating an agile, simultaneously accessible patient list on critical care to ensure safety and continuity for a COVID future:

Riddell N*, Rees J, Graham A, Bradburn S

LocSSIP video training aids, a novel approach to reinforce patient safety:

Dias S, *Bradburn S, Riddell N, Schroeder B, Delgado M, Coles V, Spencer C

Rapid Service development of Buvidal Assisted Recovery in South Wales – experience gained from enhanced country wide Covid-19 funding of long acting Buprenorphine formulation:

*Melichar, J. *Pearson, L. *Verne, Julia. *James, Lucie. *Lewis, Julia.

Short course in Lung Ultrasound & COVID-19 at National Imaging Academy Wales:

Wardle P*, Pearce T, Kasprzyca C, Siddiqui I*, Buckle S, Whitchurch V  

A Covid-19 IBD HOT Clinic:

Abdalla B, Davies B*, Shalkespeare R, Ludlow H, Fumis N, Haboubi H, Tibatts C

Rapid Interprofessional Mass Training in the Cardiff and Vale Covid-19 Response:

*Kamath M, O'Donovan D, Saadat F, Lloyd J, Emmett L, Trisolini Longobardi G, Patchell I, Babolhavaeji F, Hadfield A, Diaz-Navarro C

National Imaging Academy Wales CXR Course during COVID-19 Pandemic:

Marin A*, Griffiths G, Ninan T, Pearce T, Buckle S, Whitchurch V, Wardle P*

Use of 360˚ Virtual Tour Technology to Supplement Theatre Experience for Medical Students During Covid-19:

*Seppings S,

National Imaging Academy Wales FRCR2B Revision Course during COVID-19 pandemic:

Ninan T*, Chung D*, McKnight L, Buckle S, Whitchurch V, Wardle P*

Case Orientated Very Interesting Discussions – 19; keeping learning going through a pandemic:


Adapting to change: Delivering High Quality All Wales Virtual Teaching in Neonatology:

*Perkins L, Webb J

Paediatric Anaesthesia E-learning Programme:

Thomas G*, Leslie G. Anaesthetic Trainee Collaborators.