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Appraisal Rebalanced - An Introduction to focusing on wellbeing

Following the success of the first bitesize session ‘ Introduction to coaching’, we are pleased to announce the next session in the series, ‘Appraisal Rebalanced’ - An Introduction to focusing on wellbeing.

Appraisal Rebalanced - An Introduction to focusing on wellbeing

Bitesize Session

Thursday 4 November 2021

14:00 - 15:30

Have you supported a tearful and or stressed doctor and want to know how to support them more effectively and appropriately?

This interactive online session delivered by Dr Viju Varadarajan aims to focus on the formative, supportive and caring element of wellbeing in appraisal. Demonstrating how you can support your peers during the process with an aim to help appraisers encourage doctors to reflect on their health and wellbeing as essential factors for high standards of professional practice.

The session will touch upon skills such as active listening, nonverbal cues etc. It will also highlight where to signpost to local Health Boards and national health and wellbeing provision in Wales for doctors and appraisers.

It will also start a discussion on how we demonstrate that a wellbeing discussion has taken place at appraisal and form the basis of the development of a wellbeing toolkit for appraisers and doctors across Wales.

If you would like to register a place at this session, please use the link below.

Book an Event | Revalidation in Wales (

A delegate pack and information on the online platform will be circulated in due course.