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NHS bursary news: October 2021

Welcome to the first news update on the NHS Bursary and associated activities within HEIW. Further updates will follow to provide information on progress and key activities over the forthcoming months. The NHS Bursary is a Welsh Government policy with HEIW taking an overarching role for its delivery and in collaboration with a wide range of partners.

Updated FAQ on bursary terms and conditions.

The FAQ is a good initial source of information to answer common queries. It has been updated with a change of format. Its release coincides with first year students entering courses and as an update to those familiar with the bursary. There is a new section on recruitment which outlines the approach colleagues in NHS Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) are coordinating for final year students. This section will be of interest to anyone who is new to the methodology of streamlining. The FAQ contains useful links to other sources of information and specifically the work of NWSSP who assess bursary applications and queries relating to student awards and deliver streamlining for final year students.

The Terms and Conditions of the NHS Bursary 2021

Students entering courses from August 2021 will have signed the T and Cs 2021. These have been amended to reflect the implications of Brexit and corresponding eligibility criteria. Appendix 1 has been amended to show the addition of more locations across Wales offering some courses from 2022. Most of the content and financial elements remain the same as previous years. The addition of additional places to train is welcome development to widen access to studying for professions such as physiotherapy. Students who started their course in 2020 remain on the T and Cs for 2020.


A set of topic-based papers are being compiled for reference to aid understanding of and awareness of the Bursary. The first two papers have been completed; Streamlining an overview of approach and Evaluation of Streamlining 2021 and next steps.

Best wishes

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