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Specialty Training Programme Contact Details

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Heads of Schools and Training Programme Directors


Head of School for Anaesthetics
Sarah Harries
Core Anaesthetics
Graeme Lilley
Higher Anaesthetics
Libby Duff
Intensive Care Medicine
Bethan Gibson

Clinical Radiology

Head of School for Clinical Radiology
Sian Phillips
North Wales Radiology programme
Owen Rees
South Wales Radiology programme
Aleksander Marin

Emergency Medicine

Head of School for Emergency Medicine
Ash Basu
Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS)
Ella Harrison Hansley
Emergency medicine
Jane Gwilliam
Pre-hospital emergency medicine
Stuart Gill


Head of School for Medicine
Shaun Smale
IMT (SE Wales)
Inder Singh
IMT ( S Wales)
Vik Lodhi
IMT (W Wales)
Lena Izzat
IMT(N Wales)
Siva Shrikanth
General Internal Medicine
John Butler
General Internal Medicine
Biju Mohamed
Acute Internal Medicine
Thomas Cozens
Audio vestibular medicine
Deepak Rajenderkumar
Clinical genetics
Arveen Kamath
Cardiology (ARCP & performance)
Ahmed Hailan
Cardiology (Recruitment & programme Management)
Anirban Choudhury
Claire Williams
Clinical immunology
Stephen Jolles
Clinical neurophysiology
Gareth Payne
Clinical oncology
Nachi Palaniappan
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
James Coulson
Dermatology (South)
Avad Mughal
Dermatology (North)
Rob Lister
Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus
Neera Agarwal
Lawrence Sunderraj
Vivek Goel
Genito-urinary Medicine
Nicola Lomax
Geriatric Medicine - North Wales
Vedamurthy Adhiyaman
Geriatric Medicine - South Wales
Rhian Morse
Ceri Bygrave
Medical oncology
Satish Kumar
Medical oncology
Rachel Jones
Andrea Lowman
Palliative medicine
Fiona Rawlinson
Palliative medicine
Margred Capel
Rehabilitation Medicine
Jenny Thomas
Renal Medicine
Dave Glover
Respiratory medicine (Quality)
Carol Llewellyn Jones
Respiratory medicine (programme Management)
Helen Davies
Respiratory Medicine (North Wales)
Dan Menzies
Charlotte Jenkins
Emyr Humphreys
Stroke Medicine
Shakeel Ahmad

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Head of School for Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Euan Kevelighan
Community sexual and Reproductive Health
Caroline Scherf
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Makiya Ashraf


Head of School for Paediatrics
Geraint Morris
Paediatrics South Wales
Gillian Body
Paediatrics North Wales
Helen Moore


Head of School for Pathology
Meleri Morgan
Chemical pathology
Mike Badminton
Chemical pathology
Dev Datta
Hywel Thomas
Paediatric and perinatal pathology
Sergey Popov
Alistair Lammie


Head of School for Psychiatry
Paul Emmerson
Core psychiatry training
Marque Fernando
Child and adolescent psychiatry
Sheriffa Dalrymple
Forensic psychiatry
Tom Wynne
General psychiatry
Somashekara Shivashankar
Old Age Psychiatry
Amrita Varanasi
Psychiatry of Learning Disability
Basil Cardoza

Public Health Medicine

Head of School for Public Health Medicine
Rhianwen Stiff
Public health medicine
Sian Griffiths
Medical Microbiology/Combined Infection
Harriet Hughes


Head of School for Surgery
Wyn Lewis
Core Surgical training
Sarah Hemmington-Gorse
Cardiothoracic surgery
Dheeraj Mehta
General surgery
Michael Stephens
Liam Gray
Patrick Watts
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Shak Mustafa
Stuart Quine
Paediatric surgery
Eniola Folaranmi
Plastic surgery
Tom Bragg
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Khitish Mohanty
Shibbs Datta
Vascular Surgery
Ian Williams