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Support for trainees

Paediatrics is a fulfilling and interesting career, but can come with stresses and hurdles. Trainees might experience difficulties passing the membership exams or have other issues, affecting their career progression. Trainers may need advice regarding a trainee's performance or progress.

The School of Paediatrics Professional Support Lead Dr Hannah Murch, is able to provide help for both trainees and trainers. Potential reasons for seeking help may include issues relating to attitude and behaviour, clinical performance, communication, health, unsatisfactory ARCP outcomes, or problems passing exams. The professional support lead is able to provide guidance and advice, including mentoring, information sharing, support and, if necessary, further referral. Trainees can make contact directly or be referred through their Educational Supervisor or HEIW. They can then be supported via a number of different ways such as email correspondence,telephone conversation or face to face meeting (sometimes regularly and on an ongoing basis). Further referral may also be made to the HEIW Professional Support Unit, General Practice, Occupational Health or the HEIW Careers Unit.

Contact Hannah Murch.