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Less than full time training (LTFT) in paediatrics

The School of Paediatrics is supportive of applications to train on a Less Than Full-Time (LTFT) basis.

The purpose of the scheme is to give training grade doctors the opportunity to continue their training on a LTFT basis when full-time work is impossible or unreasonable. It allows us to retain doctors within the workforce who may in other circumstances give up work. It also promotes career development and a work/life balance for doctors training within the NHS.

You are not allowed to undertake other paid employment while working on a less than full-time basis.

LTFT training provides the same range of education and experience as full-time posts, though it will take longer to fulfil the educational requirements set by the RCPCH. You are allowed the pro-rata amount of study/annual leave. The usual percentage of training undertaken by LTFT trainees is 50-60% of full-time. This will either be in a 'slot share post' with another LTFT trainee or in a 'reduced hours post' where a full-time post will be used for part-time training. In this case, training hours may be increased to a maximum of 80%. You may return to full-time at any stage provided there is a full-time training slot available.

Early application is advised as it may take several months to arrange an LTFT placement. Further details of the application process and eligibility criteria.

There is a growing demand for LTFT training with the number of trainees applying increasing every year. Further details regarding LTFT training can be found at the links below: