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Structure of the programme

The intensive care medicine (ICM) CCT programme is broken down into three overarching stages.

You will enter the programme in Stage one, but based on your previous training and completed placements; the time spent in Stage one can be very variable. Stage one is a minimum of four years which can include any core training programme that can count towards a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Intensive Care Medicine. At the end of Stage one, all trainees regardless of their core programme will have completed a minimum of one year of anaesthetics, one year of acute medicine and one year of intensive care medicine.

Stage two training lasts two years, and includes four three month placements (in Cardiac, General, Neuro and Paediatric ICUs) and a year dedicated to a special or complementary skill development. If you are in a dual programme, then this year is spent in that other specialty to achieve the competencies required to ensure dual accreditation. During Stage two, you will also complete the FFICM examination.

Stage three training lasts one year, and is the last year of ICM training. It is the ‘advanced’ year, spent entirely on ICU and is designed to allow trainees to develop leadership and management skills in preparation for becoming a consultant.

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) curriculum provides information on the curriculum for both dual and single CCT.