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Challenge 6 - Fast Pharmacy Facts and Blogs

Welcome to Challenge 6. Please choose one or both of the following activities. Once complete, we encourage you to reflect on your learnings.


1. Fast Pharmacy Facts

Answer five questions to test your knowledge and understanding of culturally competent person-centred care. These questions were developed from a Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) e-challenge.

2. RPS Blogs

Read a selection of Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) blogs highlighting example activities that some pharmacy professionals have undertaken to deliver equality, diversity, and inclusive pharmacy practice. Some blogs that we recommend include:

  • Supporting vaccine uptake in ethnic minority communities
  • Treating patients with blood-borne viruses in the community
  • Providing transgender patients with best quality care
  • Driving equality for women in pharmacy
  • Engaging with the next generation of black pharmacists
Questions to support reflection
  1. What have you learnt?
  2. Have you identified any examples of inclusive practice that you can take forward into your own practice?
  3. Have you identified any learning needs?