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On acceptance of your offer of a GP Training place in Wales, we will send you relevant information.

For any queries please email

The lead employer for all GP trainees in Wales is NHS Wales Shared Services. For all employment queries please email

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Inter deanery transfers

The National Inter Deanery Transfer (NIDT) process has been launched to support medical trainees who have had an unforeseen, significant change in personal circumstances since their appointment to their current training programme.

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Intra deanery transfers

The intra deanery transfers (IDT) process is in place to support GP trainees who have had an unforeseen, significant and permanent change in circumstances since commencing their current training programme in Wales.

Less than full time training (LTFT)

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training is a scheme whereby eligible trainee doctors and dentists of all grades are able to work on a part time basis when full-time work is impossible or unreasonable rather than having to give up work.

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Out of programme

Applying for Out of programme (OOP) Experience for GP Trainees in Wales

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Study leave

GP trainees are entitled to 15 days (30 sessions) per 6 month general practice post. The entitlements are the same whether the trainee is full or part time.