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Physiological sciences


Healthcare science staff who work in the physiological sciences investigate the functioning of organ/body systems to diagnose abnormalities and find ways to restore function and/or reduce disabling consequences to the patient.

The work involves direct interaction with patients in a range of areas. Please see details of the careers areas within the physiological sciences.

In this field, healthcare science staff use specialist equipment, advanced technologies and a range of different procedures in the course of their work to evaluate the functioning of different body systems. They also direct and even provide therapeutic intervention and long-term management and care.

Education & training

Students can study at two levels:

  1. Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) for undergraduates
  2. Scientist Training Programme (STP) for graduates

PTP: students can study either of the following 3-year healthcare Science – physiological science degrees:

Swansea University

Successful completion of the degrees above allow eligibility to join the voluntary register held by the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) and practice as a either an audiologist, respiratory physiologist or clinical physiologist (cardiac physiology and neurophysiology).

STP: Please see details of STP opportunities.

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