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Ward hostess

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What is a ward hostess?

A ward hostess is responsible for working with the ward team to develop and maintain the patient environment. Providing a high quality, courteous and efficient beverage and meal service to meet patient needs.

Is a ward hostess the right career for me?

A ward hostess works individually on patient wards. The hostess will serve breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks in a very busy, fast paced environment. Duties will also include checking the temperature of food and fridges, recording it prior to service to patients, clean and maintain kitchen areas, cupboards, fixtures and appliances.

As a ward hostess you will need to have:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Knowledge of food hygiene
  • A pleasant, caring and polite manner

What do ward hostesses do?

A ward hostess is responsible for:

  • Replenishing patients’ water jugs three times a day to ensure good hydration
  • Providing patients with hot and cold beverages throughout the day
  • Collating patients’ menu choices
  • Preparing patients’ trays for meal service
  • Adhering to the red tray system when appropriate
  • Serving patients meals as designated times
  • Knowledge of patients dietary needs
  • Recording food temperatures at ward level
  • Delivering snacks to appropriate patients
  • Washing up of all patients’ crockery
  • Disposing of waste appropriately
  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene at all times

Where do ward hostess work?

A ward hostess is based at ward level but will liaise with the Catering Department on a daily basis with matters concerning patient feeding.

How much does a ward hostess earn?

In the NHS, a ward hostess is paid a band 2; please see our Pay and Benefits section for more information.

What career progression opportunities are available for a ward hostess?

Hotel Services/Catering Services Supervisor.

How do I become ward hostess?

Training will be given at ward level. You will need to have a good level of education and possess a level 2 food safety certificate or equivalent.

How do I get experience?

  • Become a volunteer
  • Apply to work on the Facilities Bank

Visit our Work section for more information.

How do I apply for a job?

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