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Healthcare support workers (HCSW)

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HCSWs roles are often separated into Health Care Support Workers (Nursing and Therapies Delivery) and Health Care Support Workers (Estates and Facilities).

Health Care Support Workers (Nursing and Therapies Delivery) roles, deliver day to day direct care to patients within all hospital and community settings. Health Care Support Workers (Estates and Facilities), provide the essential services that enable and support care delivery within NHS Wales. These Facilities and Estates services (often called Hotel Services) also include administration services, such as medical secretaries and medical records. All of these roles work to the NHS Wales Code of Conduct for HCSW.

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Healthcare support workers (estates and facilities)

As a support service within the NHS, Estates and Facilities staff work in all acute and community sites within each Health Boards and Trusts making a valuable contribution towards healthcare and the patient experience.

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Healthcare support workers (nursing and therapies delivery)

There are many different options in the field of Health Care Support Workers (nursing and therapies delivery).