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Dental team

Dental team

Providing dental care for the community or in an acute setting is a team responsibility and each member of the team has an important role to play in promoting and maintaining dental health.

The skills of the team coupled with the advances in dental technology means that a visit to the dentist is seen as a positive way to support health and wellbeing. More of us are looking after our teeth better and keeping them longer, meaning the number fillings needed has reduced.

Whichever role you choose, you’ll be making a big contribution to looking after the nation’s teeth, gums, mouths.

Denture with gun
Clinical dental technician

Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT) are dental professionals who provide complete dentures direct to patients and other dental devices such as partial dentures to the prescription of a dentist.

Dentist with a kid
Dental nurse

Dental nurses support the dentist in all aspects of patient care.

Dental implant
Dental technologist

Dental technology is a science that understands bio-compatible materials that can be utilised, adapted, and manufactured for constructing appliances for patients that replace lost tissues such as teeth or appliances that adapts anatomy.

Dental tools
Dental therapy and hygiene

Dental hygienists work closely with other members of the dental team. A dental hygienist can carry out treatments such as scaling and polishing, oral health promotion and preventative fissure sealants for both adults and children.

Dentist with a patient

Dentists lead the dental team and have the skills and confidence to diagnose and treat problems and provide good advice to patients.

Patient undertaking a dentist checkup
Orthodontic therapist

Orthodontic therapists are a relatively new addition to the orthodontic team.