Strategic Objectives

Our work programme and objectives for the next three years will be directed by the following strategic objectives: 

  1. As a new organisation, establishing HEIW as a valued and trusted partner, an excellent employer, and a reputable and expert brand. This reflects the work involved with establishing a new organisation, which will last beyond 1 October.
  2. Building a sustainable and flexible health and care workforce for the future. This relates to taking a more strategic approach to future planning of the workforce, and then aligning all the building blocks needed to deliver it (i.e. education, training, role development, career pathways, continuous professional development, etc.).
  3. With Social Care Wales shaping the workforce to deliver care closer to home, and to better align service delivery. This specifically recognises the strategic shift required in developing and expanding the primary- and community-based workforce, in order to deliver the service strategy.
  4. Improving quality and safety by supporting NHS organisations find faster and more sustainable workforce solutions for priority service delivery challenges. This will require us to align our expertise and experience to current NHS pressures, demonstrating added value in the short-term.
  5. Improving opportunities for use of technology and digitalisation in the delivery of education and care. This is a significant development area and linked closely with A Healthier Wales.
  6. Reinvigorating leadership development and succession planning across health and social care in partnership with Social Care Wales and Academi Wales. This links directly to one of our new functions as an organisation.
  7. Demonstrating value from investment in the workforce and the organisation. This will require us to be really clear about the benefits we deliver, and how we measure them.