Communications and Engagement


Who we will communicate and engage with - stakeholders and partners

We recognise for specific topics of communication / engagement, stakeholders and partners will vary. This is a general list of HEIW stakeholders and partners, which will be refined depending on the subject for communication or engagement.

• HEIW workforce
• Health and care students and trainees including nurses, medics, allied health professionals,
healthcare support workers, pharmacists
• Service users – including trainees and students
• Health and care workforce - current and future
• Education providers including Universities, trainers and mentors
• Health Boards and Trusts
• Professional bodies
• Regulators
• Trade Unions
• Social Care Wales
• Welsh Government
• Partnership boards
• Academi Wales
• Media – specialist publications and main stream media
• Patients / carers
• Public
• Third sector
• Career organisations

• Schools

How we will communicate and engage

Understanding what our partners, stakeholders, and service users need from us, and how we can best support them, is a key priority for HEIW.

To achieve this, it is important we communicate and engage with them all on a regular basis, and through various channels.

Our stakeholders have told us what they want our communications and engagement with them to look like:

Communications Engagement
Open Collaborative
Transparent Innovative/encouraging
Inclusive Representative
Not divided (e.g. into clinical and non-clinical) Giving feedback/results
Clear Responsive to audiences
Positive Stakeholder mapping to inform framework
Dynamic and proactive Different levels of relationship and priorities
Consistent Managing expectations
Inspired Listening
Exciting Two-way
Influence Appropriate messages for specific audiences

As such, we will make the following commitment to:

  • Continue our CEO stakeholder bulletins to update on progress;
  • Use social media to inform and update;
  • Hold national stakeholder events to update on progress and inform future work;
  • Hold working groups on key topics (e.g. workforce strategy);
  • Attend and take part in key national mechanisms – CEOs' meetings, all peer group meetings, the Welsh Partnership Forum, links to the Welsh Government advisory machinery;
  • Continue to involve stakeholders and partners in development of our annual work programme/plan, using various engagement methods;
  • Ensure that formal agreements and understandings underpin key partnerships, and
  • Visit NHS sites across Wales as part of the HEIW Roadshow to meet with students, trainees, trainers, mentors and those responsible for healthcare eduction.